Be consistent when setting goals

The purpose of any team is to win by achieving the team’s primary goal. This becomes increasingly difficult when leaders are not consistent with the goals they set for their teams. Vague and moving targets only set teams up for failure.

Here are 3 critical mistakes you must avoid when setting goals for your team and the negative impacts they will have if you don’t.

1. Lack of consistency across the organization.

Maintaining consistency is key to ensuring your teams moral and buy in remain strong enough to compete at their best. No one is excited to find out they are being held to a far different standard or an inequitable share of the load. When teams realize this they will grumble internally and the frustration will slowly come to a boil.

2. Changing the target too frequently.

Teams need to have a solid understanding of what is expected of them and changing the target too frequently can damage the sense of purpose for a team. When good enough to win suddenly becomes too little and too late teams will become demotivated.

3. Basing goals on arbitrary information.

Goals should always be based on a consistent and well understood baseline. It’s critical that the team understands what this baseline is and that when appropriate be giving the opportunity to provide input on it. Teams who do not understand what their goals are based on will not fully embrace them as their own.

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