I just spent one of the most amazing weekends of my life with some of my best friends. It was a guys weekend that far surpassed my expectations. The event was in celebration of my best friend’s 40th birthday and the setting was a remote west Texas ranch.

These are my personal reflections and takeaways.


    Life isn’t about how much wealth you can accumulate but rather about how much you can use what you have to bless and serve others.
    Boys, both young and old, need time to explore, to push themselves, to adventure, and to be together. It makes them come alive.
    The fruit of great leadership is truly an awesome sight to behold.
    Connections and relationships are far more important than I ever thought.
    I’ve got at least two more gears that I’ve yet to find and at 40 I still have time.


  • Regain my physical strength.
  • Sleep apnea sucks and has to go.
  • Allow Christ to restore my spiritual strength.
  • Write the book.
  • Teach the model.
  • Put to use the God given connections.
  • Talk with my friends at least once a month.
  • Allow my boys to be dangerous.
  • Foster a sense of adventure for my family.

Wow moments:

  • My buddy is an incredibly gifted leader with more influence that I realized. I’m so stinking proud of him.
  • Circle tracking a side by side on the granite floor of an active river is exhilarating.
  • Guys really do bond over shared activities. Kayak up a river together and you become brothers.
  • I actually made it up and back on the 5 mile kayak trip with a bunch of military bad-asses and I beat a bunch of them up the river. I may be fat and out of shape but I’ve still got something in the tank.

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